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What can Americans learn from China?







Dan Holliday lives in The United States of America

Written Jul 23 2013

Originally Answered: What should Americans learn from China?

I really can only think of one thing.  Before I say that thing let me be clear that there are TONS of amazing things about China that makes China great.  But those are Chinese things.  Just because the collection of those things "work" for China doesn't mean that the USA needs to dispense with the things that work with us and become someone else.  



Because many of the things that so many people dislike about the USA come with a positive side.  The uber-fascination and obsession with "making it" with "becoming something great" and materialism and all that other nonsense . . . well it's bequeathed the USA with a very upwardly-mobile attitude and a really great passion for entrepreneurialism and invention.  This doesn't mean that OTHER nations don't have that same stuff it's just that the exact combination thereof is one of the things that makes the USA a great nation.  So I'm happy with the "yin-and-yang" of who we are:  good and bad.  


But there is a thing that China does really well and I think the USA should take note:  public primary and secondary education.  If we could learn to inspire and compel our students to engage and learn the way China does we'd leapfrog very quickly into a far better place than we currently are.




Rob Burton 4 years living and working in China

Written Jan 5 2016

Rob Burton 在中国生活和工作4年


The lesson to be learnt from China and the Chinese people is eating healthy. The stereotype of Americans is that they are obese and overweight due to poor diet and eating habits. It is unusual to see a fat Chinese person and yet they eat well and have delicious dishes.


The most interesting thing to notice about how the Chinese eat is when one goes out to dinner. A lot of food is ordered. The table almost groans under the number of dishes put on the revolving part of the table. A lot is eaten (and a lot is wasted) but the point is there is very little carbohydrate on the table. People think the staple of Chinese cuisine is rice. But at the dinner table rice is the last thing to come out - if it comes out at all. Rice is only called for if you are still hungry.

注意中国人吃什么,最有趣的一件事是外出吃晚饭。很多食物被订好。放在桌子旋转部的菜肴数量几乎让桌子呻吟起来。很多被吃掉(还有很多被浪费掉),但重点是桌子上很少有碳水化合物。人们认为中国菜的主食是大米。但在饭桌上米饭是最后端出来的 - 如果它真的出来的话。只有当你还饿时才会叫米饭。

So the meal consists of protein - fish or meat (including offal) tofu products and vegetables. Very little is fried. The dishes are picked at with chopsticks - so its not like you have a full plate in front of you and a formal dinner might last a few hours. Having a 'clean plate' at the end of the meal is not a justifiable claim here.

膳食由蛋白质组成 - 鱼或肉(包括内脏),豆腐产品和蔬菜。很少是油炸的。菜肴用筷子挑 - 所以它不像你那在你面前有一个满盘。正式的晚餐可能会持续几个小时。在餐结束时留下一个“光盘”在这里不是一个合理的做法。

On a normal day the menu might be something like:


Rice porridge for breakfast.


Noodles with meat in soup or Meat and vegetables with rice for lunch


Soup or noodles with meat and vegetables for dinner.


Fruit is a big part of the Chinese diet too.


They drink a lot of plain hot water too eschewing fizzy sodas. coffee black tea and other popular types of drinks


Western food such as KFC Pizza Hut Crisps (chips) Sugary snacks Milk chocolate and so on are impacting on the health of the Chinese in the sorts of negative ways we see in the West


Tyler Bourne Traveled extensively in China for work married to a Chinese national


Written Jan 5 2016


To open his mind to new tastes and ideas. 


I basically tell everyone who asks me about it that when they go they will find that everything they thought they knew was wrong.  I can explain it all day but until they see it taste it smell it they just won't get it.


The food. (Ill start here because  I'm a foodie). We've been eating Chinese food all our lives right?. WRONG!!!. China has about 8 major regional cuisines each as different from the next as Italian is from German.  They all have something good to offer though my faves are Human and Sichuan.  Hen la..


The diversity.  They all look alike right?. WRONG AGAIN!!! China is so full of diversity.  People of all different ethnicities speaking different languages and looking quite different from each other.  Think northern girls with long perfect legs Southern girls so petite w great lips.. No really each region has a very different looking populace though in any big city you will meet all different sorts of people. 


Money isn't everything.  A lot of China is becoming quite first world but much more of it is not.  Most people will say that poverty breeds discontent and unhappiness which in turn causes crime.  I hear people come back from third world places saying it really makes them thankful for what they have but I find that for me it makes me realize that most of that STUFF actually is not what makes me happy.  I have found that many of the people I meet who struggle every day and don't have anything close to what I have are actually very happy in their day to day lives.  They are friendly and they have close family and good friends.  I never feel unsafe when I am in those parts of town in China in fact those people who have so little are incredibly welcoming and easy to make friends with.  Often I don't spend any money either so I know they aren't just trying to get money they are just good people.



Which brings me to my next/last point (i could make more but this is getting long) in any country you visit no matter how foreign or how much the media and our governments try to vilify and stir up mistrust among us people are just people.  We all have more in common than we do different.  Our governments don't always do what we would like and really they don't speak for us.  The Chinese just want to be our friends.  They are great fun people.  I make friends very easily everywhere I go there and In always sad to go home.


Oh yeah.. One more thing...real Chinese women are smoking hot!. They dress extremely fashionable and are really friendly and approachable. You would think by looking at them that you are in any ultra cosmopolitan city in the world Paris Milan NY have nothing on the women of China.  And in my opinion mainland girls have HK beat hands down.  LOL maybe I'm biased because my wife is from Shijiazhuang but likely her real world sensibility mixed with an optimism and friendliness that you usually don't get from the more jaded women in big Western cities is just one of the reasons I fell for her.

Oh.  另外一件事,真正的中国女人非常性感!她们穿着非常时尚而且相当友好和可接近的。看到她们,你会以为自己身处在国际大都市里,巴黎,米兰和纽约对中国女人来说不算什么。依我看大陆女孩能轻易击败香港女人。笑,可能我有偏见,因为我的妻子来自石家庄,更可能因为她的真实世界情感,混合着乐观主义和友好。这些特质是西方大城市里的那些淫荡女人所不具备的。这也是我倾心于我妻子的原因之一。


Anita Leonelli Argentina & Shanghai. Extra small.

Written Aug 15 2015

Originally Answered: China: What practices can American culture learn from China?

Leaving other countries' cultures and politics alone just try to do business.


Mike Girard I'm in China 3 times out of 4 these days.

Written Jun 30 2016

Public transportation.


I’ve ridden the Shanghai metro for an hour and a half every day for the past 4 months.


I’ve only been on two trains that had to stop in between stations. Each time the train was moving again in less than a minute.


From the city center I can go anywhere in Shanghai for less than 2 US dollars.


I’ve never been forced or pushed onto or off of a train and I’ve never seen a fight or any other type of public indecency.


Almost every day I see someone give up their seat for a child pregnant woman or elderly person.


I’ve never seen anything that made me go “euch” e.g. vomit on the floor on Chicago’s L rats in the NY subway.


Keep in mind that this metro system services the biggest damn city in the world in which live 25 million people.


As an American who grew up in the Midwest suburbs I never thought I’d say this but it’s honestly better than driving (in Shanghai anyway) and so much more efficient in terms of public planning.



Richard Li Knows a thing or two about China

Written Sep 16 2015



Originally Answered: China: What practices can American culture learn from China?


Don't use the plastic to buy things you don't have an immediate need for.


America's focus is on spending your future money that you haven't earned.

Chinese tradition when it comes to money is save all you can for a rainy day.



This is the most important lesson the America can learn from Chinese culture.




Niall McCarthy

Written Jul 24 2013

Originally Answered: What should Americans learn from China?

All countries can learn from each other. I think China has already learned a tremendous amount from the United States and implemented that in its economic policies. 


But what can America really learn from what China has done? Despite one or two mishaps China's high-speed rail system has proved an exceptional success. Even though the United States is constructing such systems its larger potential should be appreciated more. 


The same goes for renewable energy. Even though the scale of smog and pollution in China is unimaginably high and ever present in international headlines green energy initiatives are proving successful. Wind energy has even surpassed nuclear now so this is certainly a step in the right direction...and a direction the United States should follow: Chart: Wind Outpaces Nuclear in China | Statista


The Chinese also don't suffer from many taboos compared to Americans.  Sometimes these things are bad such as open and normalized racism of not just foreigners but other Chinese ethnicities.  Sometimes it's constructive though.  Got diarrhea?  Instead of a raised brow or an awkward social situation you might get some caring comments from your coworkers telling you to take care of yourself or maybe even a suggestion on some tea that they swear works.


This extends to food as well.  There is a huge range of food between the truly odd (I don't know...dogs scorpions?) and where American diets leave off.  I think that we are missing out big time in not more efficiently utilizing a lot of the plants and animals we consume.  I guess in the US we leave these extra parts for processing into other forms but a lot of the world including China makes great food out of parts that are perfectly good to eat and quite frankly coming from pretty normal animals we eat anyway.  For example why do we fillet or steak out fish instead of eating them whole?  You waste so much of the fish that way.  I find some of our sensibilities totally arbitrary in odd ways sometimes.  And don't take it from me - even though I am ethnically Chinese I've seen other caucasian Americans here in China way way way more adventurous in their exploration and enjoyment of local cuisine and eating habits.


These are just a couple of things I noticed off the top of my head even though I think the amount of things that could be learned the other way is a magnitude or more larger.



Edward Conway If a man says his credentials he can sleep in a bed tonight

Written Jan 5 2016

Disclaimer: As an American who has not yet been to China these are based on my interactions with Chinese people and on a limited understanding of life and culture in China so any statements about China should be seen as those of an outsider looking in.

事先声明:作为一个没有亲身去过中国的人,以下 论断都是基于我个人与中国人的交流以及一些有限的对中国文化与社会的理解。你们可以当做是个门外汉的看法。

What can we as Americans learn from China? A lot:


1. An understanding of how it is possible to be multiple seemingly contradictory and mutually exclusive things at once. In American culture we deal with dichotomies: you are either liberal or conservative you are either logical or emotional you are either science-focused or religion-focused you are either a Christian or an atheist.

1. 一种多元化,多角度看待事物的观念。在美国我们经常用二分法看问题:你要么自由主义要么保守主义,要么理性要么感性,又或者要么崇尚科学要么专注宗教,你不是基督徒那就肯定是无神论者。

In reality most humans are some mix of multiple categories: even the most logical sientist will have parts of his or her life where emotion and irrational creativity is important. Likewise even the most devoutly religious person will have areas of their lives where rational logic is important. Understanding and accepting the presence of contradictory parts in the whole that makes up a human is one lesson I think China could teach America.


2. Not making your views allegiance or ideology the basis of your identity. In America we tend towards tribal identification wherein what an individual believes defines what group they belong to and that group is seen as the core of their identity. Our culture encourages people to loudly declare their allegiance to one group or another and to reject ideas or practices of competing groups. This applies to politics religion economics sports hometown: you name it we divide ourselves by it and see it as key to who we are.

2.不要因为你忠于某一思想或理论就给自己贴上相应的标签。在美国我们倾向于将个人支持某一思想这一行为夸张化,将个人归入支持这类思想的群体或组织中去,并将这一群体视为整个支持该类思想者的代表。我们的文化鼓励人们大声宣扬他们的思想理论而组成群体,并与有悖于自己理念的群体去竞争。这就是如今发生在政界 金融界 体育界中的事实:我们在自我分化创造对立,并且还认为这是自我身份认定的关键。

China in contrast appears to this outsider to have less strong internal all-consuming group identity conflict. I do not hear of Taoists for example being condemned or ostracized for daring to suggest that Buddhism might make some good points philosophically.  In comparison in the US we see a teacher at a Christian School getting fired for daring to suggest Muslims might have things in common with Christians.


3. Group interaction: America is very good at emphasizing and (for the most part) protecting our personal freedoms but very little is discussed about our responsibilities to our communities and to the country as a whole. While volunteering charity and various forms of service are seen as a good thing they are not considered a requirement of citizenship. Further too much emphasis in American culture is placed on asserting oneself one's identity one's views and not being seen as weak in contrast to China where emphasis is placed on understanding the views of others and not being seen as pushy.

In America all too often we see empathy and respect as a sign that someone's views are not strong and that they can be pushed around whereas in China being able to navigate the social settings is seen as a key part of being a successful person.

So I feel that we can learn from China how to understand and accept ourselves without enforcing dichotomies how to make our identity not rely on our views and membership in groups and how to navigate social interaction with an eye towards working well with others.





Banson Chong Passionate about Dr Suns "Three Principals for the People".

Written Aug 15 2015

Originally Answered: China: What practices can American culture learn from China?

Americans foreign policies are just like their corporations - gauged by last quarterly results rather than the long game strategy - which the Chinese seems to be more positioned on. Remains to be seen how China with all its recent  knee jerk moves on most situations can effectively follow their longer term game plan and get to the end goal still intact. 


In any event - the long game culture of the Chinese is one thing Americans should try some emulation of.




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