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Which country is the worst: Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Ukraine, China or North Korea?






Victor Volkov, Russian

Updated Mon

Responding to A2A.

I believe at the moment North Korean citizens are having it the worst. 

See, for example:

Inside North Korea: Forbidden photos taken inside Kim Jong-un's secretive state

The country … or at least information about the country that is available online, seriously gives impression that they attempted to build a very convincing decoration that sorta looks like USSR.

There was more to USSR than there is to North Korea, though and it wasn’t just a decoration.



Inside North Korea: Forbidden photos taken inside Kim Jong-un's secretive state


In my opinion, some of those photos eerily resemble chernobyl.

(Actual chernobyl):




At least that’s the way I see it.



Kunagisa Lain, Just a small Chinese college student,with poor English skill

Written Mar 5


Our Eastern Chinese is eatting grass and leaf,and no one can afford a tea egg !

Trust me .China is a poor country,the government lied the whole world!

So,is it enough?I think this is what you want.

I don't know what's the "Worst " means particularly,and why China must join a "Worst "competition ?Why not America,England,France or Japan?

It is unfair to there countries you mentioned above .

My answer is a garbage.

But your question is prejudice. I don't like this question style.










Alexander Doranikov, studied at China

Written Mar 5

You just put exact a country which everybody can tell.

Ukraine can have war and current Grivna’s struggle, or the lack of gas.

Russia is still in deep problem over and over again due to gas and oil price, and they have to use force in Syria to divert it.

Turkey has been under turmoil and bad terms with many countries that led to slow growth.

China is polluting with large population.


If you see this…








Then you know which place I don’t like to talk about.

The “greatest socialist paradise” in the world? Lol!




Shanfa Chaiyadi

Written Mar 5

North Korea is definitely the worst.

There’s no such thing like “freedom” there. People can’t just go around the country without government’s permission, let alone going overseas. Internet is completely off-limit to the average citizens. It’s not a good idea to watch foreign (mainly Western) movies. Watching porn is illegal too. You don’t get to choose your own haircut. Only haircuts approved by the government are allowed.

The gruesome condition of North Korean prison camps. The famine that don’t seem to recover.

Saudi Arabia is not much different, but at least Saudi citizens can access the internet, and there’s no need for permission to travel within the country or overseas (unless you’re a woman).







Written Tue

China! China! China! Definitely worst! Lol.

Their language didn’t change much for 2000 years. Boring as hell!

Continuous history and residency on the same land? Boring!

Didn’t conquer any other continents when they had the biggest fleet and the gun powder invention. What losers!

to communism while they are actually more capitalism than the US now, what hypocrites!

Materialistic, drive-up price of luxury goods and housing price in Vancouver… damn them!

Don’t know how to play soccer, had the worst national soccer team in the world.

And this answer is actually written by a Chinese? See they are self-haters!

Edit: a lot of people don’t seem to get my joke. If you found yourself offended we were actually supposed to be allies. Those kind of questions were designed to piss off people from the listed countries. If you just want to argue with them, or correct them, that would be useless. I think a good way to respond is just to make the answer as ridiculous as possible, and show you are but amused by those questions.












Brian Collins, BA Eastern Euro langs lit & culture specializing in Poland, took Russian lit.

Written Mar 4

Worst at what?

Human rights? Obviously North Korea.

Warm weather? Turkey, although China can beat it in some regions.

Cold Weather? Russia.

Water scarcity? Northern China.

Wages? Probably North Korea.

Free speech? North Korea.

Windiness? Russia and China.










Simon 'Chip' Comins, works at Journalism

Written Mar 5

Worst at what?

In terms of how it treats it’s people then North Korea, in terms of polution then china, in terms of womens rights compared to mens rights then saudi.

You need to define “worst” before anyone can answer properly.




Chen Xu

Written Mar 5

According to Quora, definitely it’s China.


site:quora.com china bad - Google Search, 246,000 results.


site:quora.com russia bad - Google Search, 118,000 results.


site:quora.com syria bad - Google Search, 50,800 results.


site:quora.com turkey bad - Google Search, 50,700 results.


site:quora.com saudi arabia bad, 32,700 results.


site:quora.com north korea bad, 30,400 results.


site:quora.com ukraine bad - Google Search, 28,800 results.


China is almost as bad as all others in together.



Albert QT, worked at Python

Written Tue

Acturally, America is the worst contry because the us-led western contries just consider their own benefit so that always invading other contries by some unwarranted causes. their invasion makes many contries suffer from the war.

Thinking about the refugee crisis, you may find something you should seriously consierr.




Doron Shafrir, china

Written Tue


China's bad government actually said every two times to shorten the gap between rich and poor, the world's rich is not because of harder than the poor

The world has entered the 21st century, and China's business workers or continue to work overtime! Overtime! Overtime!

The Chinese government is opposed to the determination of the United States and South Korea to maintain world peace. The United States should invade the DPRK, overthrow the Kim Jong-un government, liberate the North Koreans, squeeze the world with cheap wages

The Chinese government only concerned about the rapid development, ignoring the environmental problems, China's environmental problems are poor, China should not learn the United States, the United Kingdom these Western countries, do not develop industry, manufacturing, should learn from the United States, the United Kingdom, the United States carbon dioxide emissions, environmental pollution The development of the Western countries has never been polluted by the environment, the West has never crushed the people, the United States and Britain in history did not have been robbers to plunder other governments, the Chinese government should learn from them







Denis O'Sullivan

Written Mon

Countries are not evil, only individuals. For most of of the examples above, the greatest victims of the “country’s” evil have been people within that country.

That said, two of the six definitely cause more harm than the others to the rest of the world, China and Russia, because they have veto-power on the UN Security Council and have turned what could be the way to solve many of the world’s tragic wars and crises into a farce. The latest example being their support for the Assad regime in Syria or China’s ongoing defense of the North Korean regime.

To be clear, I’m not saying even that they are always necessarily on the wrong side, or that the US and the UK haven’t been involved in political calculations of their own, but in rcent years, China’s and Russia’s constant prioritization of their political allies vs. the possibility of putting up a united front against evil tyrants and wars has caused the UN Security Council to be a failure and has caused untold suffering to millions of innocent people. The UN Security Council is the only tool we have to try to stop wars, so making it dysfunctional just to forward your personal political aims is a big deal, comparable to any of the great evils of the 20th century.






Lucas Nieh · Add Credential

Written 39m ago

It must be China.

We Chinese are so poor,even can’t afford a tiny tea egg. The government did nothing but kill people. They’ve killed 1.2 billion people here, there are almost no humanbeings in my hometown in Jiangsu province, and it resulted in so many ghost cities.

And due to the huge amount of corpses, water was contaminated and not drinkable. In order to purify the water and atmosphere we have to steal some technology from the western countries cus we Chinese are so stupid to invent anything.

As the virus from the corpse, the crops did't grown anymore. and it caused a horrible famine, we are short of food, then we start to eat dogs\cat, we eat everything and until there is nothing to eat, then we started to invade other countries for food.

All above is truth, western medias have reported it so many times. You even don’t known it? Chinese people are miserable people, you guys should help us, an don't invade us cus we are useless people.







Oliver Pur Main, Self Employed at SPS (2001-present)

Written Mar 4

The clear cut answer in North korea.

I can live under religious dictator like in Saudi Arabia as I get all basic need of life.

But North Korea!!!!

No way.






Mdke Huang

Written Sun

China.There is no question about it.So,China is really not suitable for refugees



Shi MingWritten Mon

Responding to A2A.

China, as you wish. Be happy.




Patel BhavikWritten Sun

China is the worst country in the world. China should not have veto power. China always give trouble to its neighbor countries. China is polluting the World. Most of the hackers in world are from China.



Andrew Smith, lives in UkraineWritten Mar 4

Of course Russia. It’s an agressive revisionist regime now, that wants to “divide the spheres of influence” with USA, undermine the foundations of the world order and laws.




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