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菲律宾网友评论:美国和中国准备协助马拉维的修复 [菲律宾媒体]

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Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana holds apress briefing on the Provincial Crisis Management Committee with localgovernment units in Marawi City. Department of National Defense/Released

国防部发布消息称,国防部长Delfin Lorenzana在地方危机管理委员会与马拉维市当地政府单位联合召开新闻发布会。



MANILA, Philippines — The United StatesAgency for International Development (USAID) has expressed its readiness toprovide assistance for the rehabilitation efforts for war-torn Marawi City,Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana said Thursday.

国防部长Delfin Lorenzana周四称:设在菲律宾马尼拉的美国国际开发署(USAID)已迅速表达了意愿,愿意为遭受战争破坏的马拉维市的修复工作提供援助。

Earlier this week, Ambassador Sung Kim metwith President Rodrigo Duterte to express the US government's full support forthe Philippine government's operations in Marawi.

本周早些时候,大使Sung Kim与罗德里戈杜特尔特总统会谈,表示美国政府将全力支持菲律宾政府在马拉维的运作。

"For the rehabilitation, ang sabi ngambassador ng United States the USAID is ready to help us whatever we need kayanandyan 'yung... USAID representative sa US Embassy and they are ready to helpus in any way they can pero limited 'yun sa kanilang mandate nila what kind ofhelp they can give us," Lorenzana said in a televised pressbriefing.

Lorenzana 在一次电视新闻发布会上说:“对于修复工作而言,尊敬的美国大使和USAID已经准备为我们提供任何需要的帮助,USAID的代表和美国大使表示他们已经获得美国政府授权,决定尽其所能的帮助我们。”

Beijing has also offered its assistance forthe rehabilitation of Marawi, Lorenzana added.


"Meron nang offer 'yung China natutulong sa rehabilitation ng Marawi... In fact, the ambassador already haspledged P5 million for the rehabilitation of Marawi," the secretary said.


Lorenzana noted that there are no changesin the relationship between the Philippines and the US despite theadministration's shift to a so-called independent foreign policy.


US troops have always been present inMindanao and were only asked to transfer to Marawi after the conflict withISIS-inspired local terror groups.


"Just to clarify, 'yung mga sundalongnandito, nandito na sila ever since. Nasa Zamboanga na sila, nilipat lang ditoni Gen. Galvez to help in the ISR, intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance,"Lorenzana said.


Filipino troops are using the assets ofAmerican forces such as aircraft and drones, according to the Defensesecretary.


"They are not new people. Actually,that’s why there was no need for us to ask for their help because they’ve beenhere all along," Lorenzana said.


He added that the US troops have beenpresent in Mindanao since 2002 as they were helping the Philippine governmentfight against the Abu Sayyaf Group.


Lorenzana stressed that the Philippines isnot breaking away from its alliance with the US but only trying to"develop some friends."






Marriane Masonia • 3 hours ago

Are you sure it's P5million? What does thatamount do in the rehabilitation?


Greg C • 3 hours ago

Do you really think China will help or arethey all talk Never Trust China.


Jaundiced.Yellowista • 6 hours ago 

Not to put too fine a point on it, both USand China are vying to be on the good graces of Duterte. Even Japan is not farbehind. There's just too much geopolitical interest at stake for thesecountries. They know it, Duterte knows it, and they know that Duterte has thefull measure of our country's geostrategic importance to them all. No otherpresident in our nation's history understood geopolitics so well as Dutertedoes. And no other president played the superpowers with such acumen as Dutertehas done. That's also because we now have more choices as opposed to thebipolar world order of the Cold War or the subsequent unipolar world order ofPax Americana. In this day and age of the mutli-polar world order, we got morechoices to choose from.

To Mr. President, thank you for playing ourgeopolitical cards so well and so smart.


Greg C @Jaundiced.Yellowista • 3 hours ago

Hey guy, It doesn't matter anymore .Chinais already in the Spratly's with military bases. They could attack the Pi in aheartbeat and nobody would have time to do anything about it. The PI used to bea strategic area. Not so much anymore.


Rain X • 6 hours ago

That's the good, thing friends to all.


Rico Quorum • 6 hours ago

Last year: Putanginamo

This year: Palimos po




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