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俄罗斯网民评论:中国先进驱逐舰将在波罗的海与俄军进行联合演习 [俄罗斯媒体]

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ussia and China will conduct the first stage of their Joint Sea 2017 naval drills off the Baltic coast this week the Russian Defense Ministry has confirmed. Beijing has sent one of its most advanced missile destroyers for the exercises.


The Baltic phase of the exercise starting Friday will involve about a dozen warships in addition to military aircraft and helicopters from both sides the Russian defense ministry said in a statement.



“The main goals of the exercises are to increase the efficiency in cooperation between the two fleets in countering security threats at sea to train compatibility of the crews of Russian and Chinese warships to strengthen friendship and cooperation between the Russian Navy and the Naval Forces of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army” the Russian ministry said.


Chinese naval forces are scheduled to arrive in the naval base of Baltiysk in Russia's Kaliningrad region on July 21 for an official welcoming ceremony. The active phase of the joint naval drills in the Baltic Sea will be held between July 24 and 27.







It would be in their mutual interest to have a defense policy that would mitigate the encirclement of both China and Russia. The US  and their NATO "Sherpas" are only content for a world controlled entirely by the United States...



those times are long over and nato is merely running on fumes.



nato mainstay is armstrade. are you blind or silly?

how ww3 will be fought i don't know

but ww4 will be fought with sticks and stones




但第四次世界大战我们会用棍子和石头   ----爱因斯坦


WW111 will be fought in outerspace and cyberspace denying the enemy satellite weapons communications and massive infrastructure cyber attacks.



United States only way to avoid an internal collapse is to start wars abroad to keep its population busy.



what is it gonna be boy canada or mexico?


How ?what2h

No it is going to be Mongolia boy ! Do you know what a f-- k you are talking about ?

不 是蒙古    你知道你在说啥

Yank specialHow ?2h

That was some high Yank intelligence which comes out after eating a bucket of GMO popcorn. One of those un-natural disorders of life.

那是吃了一包转基因爆米花智商爆表      一种非自然的生活紊乱

911 psyops7h

The American neo cons are rabid foaming at the mouth for a confrontation with Russia. Watch Tucker Carlson interview with Max Boot and their is another one with Ralph Peters. These people truly believe their own propaganda. Boot is from CFR so he is pushing the Iran is evil B5 but Carlson called him out. I was shocked at the fierceness these people have towards Iran and Russia if it was left to them we would be at war already. Must Watch...America has gone bananas there is no reasoning with these warmongers.

在与俄罗斯的对抗中美国的新保守派被骗惨了。  看看塔克·卡尔森采访麦克斯布特,还有另一个采访拉尔夫·彼得斯。他们完全相信他们自己的宣传。布特是外交关系委员会的,所以他一直鼓吹伊朗是邪恶国家,不过卡尔森驳斥了他。


Timeless 911 psyops7hEdited

Read your bible Daniels prophecy of two kings getting into a pushing back and forth. One king comes from the Roman Empire it's a off shoot of that kingdom. He speaks of that kingdom being fragile yet strong not sticking together.


What me worry!Timeless 3h

The King of the North and South started in Greece when Alexanders generals (the 4 horns) took over after he died and eventually aligned themselves into the Kings of the North and South and when the Roman empire turned up out of them it absorbed both to eventually become the Eastern and Western Roman empire which seems to have morphed into the Eastern and Western Geopolitical world that we have today and it is clashing right now.


OdininasgardLeaderWhat me worry!1h

The present conflict is of a racial and theological nature ! The adherents of Judaism are convinced they were appointed by their intolerant monotheistic Asian desert Deity to have control over all land from the Euphrates to the Nile and all nations will bow to them as written in their book of mythology AKA the bible ! That is why the following countries were destroyed by Israel's attack dog America: Syria Libya Iraq and the regime change in Iran during the 1950's by an America replacing the Iranian Prime Minister with the despotic Shah.

现在的冲突具有一种种族和神学的性质! 犹太教的信徒相信,他们是由一个独一无二亚洲沙漠中的真神来任命的,他们可以控制从幼发拉底河到尼罗河的所有土地,所有的国家都会像他们的神话书《圣经》中写的那样向他们屈服。这就是为什么以色列的疯狗美国会攻击以下国家:叙利亚 利比亚 伊拉克。还有20世纪50年代伊朗的政权更迭,美国让一个专制的国王取代了伊朗总理。

Carlos A Perez Leader6h

...the most powerful countries of Asia Continent together in the Baltic Sea!

. .亚洲大陆最强大的国家齐聚波罗的海!

...so what do you Amerikanz are going to do now? ...don't tell me! ...you are gonna cry like babies ...again!


Dnd McdonnellLeaderCarlos A Perez 6h

Not sure...with Trump it should be a bit different...he needs foreign politics training which the US has never provided to anyone...perhaps they think it is not needed about the the places they bomb for no reason. Heck..they will just use drones to murder the people..nothing new here.

不确定……特朗普应该有点不同……他需要美国从未向任何人提供的外交政策培训。他们可能觉得有些地方就应该被轰炸,所以用不着什么外交政策培训。哎呀. .他们只会用无人机来谋杀人民。这里没有什么新东西

DmKCarlos A Perez 3h

THe Americans will organize next round of NATO exercises in Baltic Atlantic Black Sea Persian Gulf and Pacific. 

To which Russians Chinese North Koreans and Iranians will complain.



C PerezdoofusCarlos A Perez 2h

You do know that Russia is not in Asia? Wow! What a complete doofus. But don't cry.


Alex P.Leader7h

Beutiful thing to watch when Russia and china do war games against America; one day Russian and Chinese armies will occupy and enslave Americans; the slave owners will be an aristocratic class of what is left of the native Americans.


Timeless Alex P.7h

Don't get you hopes up they will all join together to attack religion instead.


A2AD BCTimeless 6h



RoloA2AD BC6h

"Russian and Chinese armies will occupy and enslave Americans" LOL...Although is not a bad idea after all a taste of their own medicine since they have been living on third world peoples back since ever.


Damn yanks 6h

Yes we are almost there finally can kill the demon that is the 'West' which have enslaved and murdered so so many millions of people.


GTDamn yanks 6h

You couldn't kill a bug and neither will Russia and China do anything serious together.


DarkDamn yanks 1h

You do Know that demon is not real righr

你知道恶魔不是真的 对吧

Carlos A Perez Leader6h

...so we have China and Russia sharing energy resources and projects now we have them in a join military drill right on NATO territory the Baltic Sea. 


...does Amerikanz will keep saying that Russia and China aren't allies?


Timeless Carlos A Perez 6h

All proving bible prophecy correct they wont do anymore than get into a pushing back and forth with U.S that's all.


know this5h

One ship is enough as all they need is to know how to communicate properly and what procedures to adopt to avoid confusion.


The info obtained will be conveyed to the rest of the navy.


AussieCarlos A Perez 3h

On the paper not but they are allies in reality unlike west the call themselves allies but in reality just vassals serve their master!



Russia and China sharing a border encompass an unsurpassed land mass. With military co-operation and excercised together pose a formiable adversary for America. Looks like the game is changing and America is just one line in a corus and not the entire song anymore.



Fart Louder2h

Russia + China > NATO + Daesh

俄罗斯+中国>北约+ 伊斯兰国

Misses CalabashLeader1h

The world becomes safer as Russia and China join forces to assure warmongers do not have everything their way.  The alliance will soon include other global players with the exact same goal of achieving world peace.




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