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外国网友评论:印度GDP增长率超中国, 印网友: 差距越来越大! [美国媒体]

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India not China is among the fastest growing economies




The latest World Bank report about the economic health of the member countries clearly says that while India is among the fastest growing economies - big and small, China is not doing as well.


Chinese economy is slowing down. In its latest report, the World Bank has said, "The continued gradual slowdown in China will slightly offset a pickup in the rest of the region led by a rebound among commodity exporters. Growth in China is anticipated to slow to 6.5 percent this year and 6.3 percent in 2018."


According to the World Bank's latest edition of the Global Economic Prospects, India is the fourth fastest growing economy in the world. China shows a clear sign of slowdown and ranks at number 16 in terms of GDP growth rate.




The World Bank has pegged India's growth rate at 7.2 for the current year on the back of rising export and increase in government spending.


Writing in the June edition of the Global Economic Prospects, the The World Bank analysts said, "In India, recent data indicate an acceleration in growth, with an easing of cash shortages and a rise in exports. An increase in government spending, including on capital formation, has partially offset soft private investment."

According to the World Bank, "India is expected to accelerate to 7.2 per cent in fiscal 2017 (April 1, 2017 - March 31, 2018) and 7.5 per cent in the following fiscal year. Domestic demand is expected to remain strong, supported by policy reforms."

六月版的的全球经济预测报告中,世界银行的分析师说:因为银根宽松且出口增长,最近的数据表明印度的增长在加速。包括资本投资在内的政府开支增加,抵销了疲软的民间投资。据世界银行,印度本财年(2017 4月到2018 3月)的增长会加速到7.2,下一财年7.5%. 由于政策改革,国内需求会保持强劲



In terms of growth rate, India is placed behind smaller economies of Estonia, Uzbekistan and Nepal. On the other hand, China failed to secure a place in the top 15 economies in terms of GDP growth rate.

The World Bank said, that though China has shown recovery in exports and the robust consumption pattern has helped it grow at 6.9 per cent in the first quarter, Beijing's slowdown is pulling down the east Asian region. Other countries in the region are showing better growth rates.



The World Bank has also expressed concern about exacerbating financial vulnerabilities of China on account of "elevated domestic debt."


According to the World Bank, the policy uncertainty in the United States and Europe is likely to impact Chinese growth rate more adversely. The trade, immigration and fiscal policies of the US are under review by the Donald Trump administration.


Similarly, the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union carries financial risks that could weigh on heavily on the China's growth prospects.







Hate the title. We are growing slower than China was when China was at our level of poverty, we need to change that.



Base Effect! Base Effect! Base Effect!

Comparison irrelevant. Nigeria can show even higher growth rates, Zimbabwe even larger.



Even with the base effect, China was growing faster than India, till now.


[–]mahamanu 7 points 4 days ago 

China is still growing more than India. Their economy is 5 times the size of India's and they're only about 1 % off. Whereas China's GDP grew somewhere in the region of 650 billion usd, India grew about 160 billion usd.


[–]aryaninvader[S] 5 points 4 days ago 

OP is about comparing relative growth rates.


[–]mahamanu 3 points 4 days ago 

India grew faster than China last year too.

My point was this growth % is deceptive as they aren't far off. And they're growing more per year, the gap is still widening at this point.



[–]aryaninvader[S] 0 points 4 days ago 

If we continue growing faster, as the article predicts, the gap will get narrower.


[–]mahamanu 3 points 4 days ago 

At this moment in time it's not the case. They are growing 4 times more than India. To decrease the gap we'd need a solid growth of 10% like China did for more than 15 years in a row.


[–]aryaninvader[S] 5 points 4 days ago 

It's a good start, need to accelerate.


[–]mahamanu 4 points 3 days ago 

Problem is, this type of hype regarding Indian economy has existed since 2006. India is always the next big thing but never really makes it. Something always happens. Look at how China grew after 2008 for example, astronomical growth.


[–]aryaninvader[S] -1 points 3 days ago* 

There is a difference, till about 2013, India was primarily exporting raw material and commodities, and very little manufactured goods. Our main export to China was Iron Ore. This changed in 2014 when export was Iron Ore was banned, it did hurt our exports, but since then India's exports have been reviving, but this time on the back of manufactured goods rather than raw material, that is a significant difference.

有一点不同,到2013年为止,印度一直在出口原材,少有制成品。我们出口给中国的只有铁矿石。2014年出口铁矿石被禁以后,出口受了很大伤害。但自此之后,我的们出口复兴依赖于制成品而不是原材料 ,这是不同的地方。

[–]Noice_b8_m8 8 points 4 days ago 

lol, growth rate has already decreased


[–]strategyanalyst 3 points 4 days ago 

Why doesn't Haiti, Colombia, Namibia have higher growth rate than China? Why wasn't Indian GDP growth 10% during 1950-1989? Why has Icelandic growth been much higher than most of Africa ?

为什么海地,哥伦比亚,纳米比亚的增长率没比中国高?为什么印度在1950-1989年间的GDP增长率为没到10%? 为什么冰岛的增长远远高于非洲的大部分地区?

[–]aryaninvader[S] 1 point 3 days ago 

There was hardly any manufacturing worth noting, India was primarily a raw material exporter back then, which is changing now.


[–]strategyanalyst 3 points 3 days ago 

Yes, that's why GDP growth isn't just base effect. It is a lazy explanation given by large welfare bloated economies

是的,这就是为什么GDP增长不仅仅是基础效应。 这是一个由大型的福利膨胀的经济体提供的懒惰解释

[–]The_0bserverMugambo ko Khush karne wala 6 points 4 days ago 

Coool... Now, lemme just exchange some cash with you.

How about I give 50% (5 rupees) of the cash from my pocket and exchange with just 1 percent from your total worth?



[–]cowrakshak 0 points 4 days ago 

Nice one.


[–]Anushakn -3 points 4 days ago 

Great news! India shining!!


[–]guru_modicumNorth America 2 points 4 days ago 

For now


[–]mockingbirdwa 0 points 3 days ago 

Not this garbage again



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