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     Russia is no longer America's 'single' biggest threat – top US general


  Published time: 23 Jul, 2017 05:47

  The Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff no longer believes Russia can be "singled out" regarding Washington's perceived national security threats. North Korea, Iran, and China also top the list of challenges.


  During confirmation hearings for his current post as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General described Russia as "the greatest threat to our national security," saying that Moscow's "behavior" was "alarming."

  在他担任美国参谋长联席会议主席的确认听证会上,Joseph Dunford将俄罗斯描述为“对我们国家安全的最大威胁”,他说莫斯科的“行为”是“令人担忧的”

  Two years later, Dunford reassessed his original analysis of the alleged Russian threat, claiming that there are other actors threatening US national security, with North Korea now constituting the "number one challenge."


  "I said at the time from a state actor perspective it's Russia. And I said that because of their nuclear capability and their cyber capabilities," Dunford said at a recent security forum in Aspen, Colorado. However, he said the US military does not "actually have the luxury today of singling out one challenge."


  "I just want to put it into context. If I was to say Russia is the greatest threat – it is one of the threats that we face right now and the one that is most militarily capable," Dunford said.


  At the same time, Dunford pointed out that Washington is dealing with the Iranian threat "on a daily basis," though North Korea is currently America's biggest challenge.


  "Obviously, North Korea today from a sense-of-urgency perspective would be our number one challenge," the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said.


  The fight against "violent extremism," as well as "some security challenges in the Pacific with the rising China" also top the list of security threats to the US.


  To counter Russia, the US Marine Corps general proposed developing nuclear and conventional deterrent capabilities.


  "When I look at Russia, first and foremost we have to be able to deter a nuclear war... secondly, we have to be able to deter a conventional war," he said.





  •MonkeyBananas America needs to be Disarmed to stop their ability to make War


  oRay America should go to collective psychotherapy, but it needs also to be reset.


  oMoon Landing ? Agree, also the U.S media propaganda machine needs to be cleaned up too.


  •MonkeyBananas Russia is the New World Leader - America is the Greatest Threat to Every Country in this World


  obooo America is a threat to mankind.


  oNewt RallytLeader Zios are the greatest threat to mankind. Look at how many wars they have cooked in a short period of time.


  •Dachaguy It's the fact that Russia has the ability to defend itself militarily that is causing the US concern. How can the US rule the world if one country can say no to the US and the US can't bully them into submission?


  obooo China, N Korea.


  •booo Why everybody hate America, Americans are spreading democracy by sponsoring terrorism and financing wars.


  oDan SheppardLeader 'Democracy' for the evil US, is the marriage of two words 'demonic' and 'theocracy'. Ritualistic sociopaths who commit mass homicide supported by a false economy


  oPaul2016Leader nice comment.


  •Justice So, the US military considers that Russia, China, Iran and North Korea are the greatest threat to USA. Yet, as far as I know, all four countries want to be friends of USA. None of them wants to be an enemy of USA. It is the USA who wants to be enemies of these four countries. This means that USA creates its enemies and then declares them as the greatest threat.


  onineveh hey dude, very sharp!!! somebody said 1000% correct elsewhere. everyone likes to be friend, it is the natural thing to do. it is self-preservation. most will gang up to single out the real threat.

  嘿,伙计,非常犀利! ! !有人说的的在任何地方都是百分之一千的正确。每个人都喜欢做朋友,这是很自然的事情。这是自我保护,大多数人会联合起来找出真正的威胁。

  oMoustachio The US sees them as members of a Slave uprising, and the US would not have anything if not for it's slavery.


  •Border threat The nation that has 900 military bases in 130 countries and spends more on the military than the rest of the world combined has slaughtered over 30 million foreign civilians since WW2 calls Russia a threat????? The USA is the ONLY country that has used chemical, biological and nuclear weapons against human beings with NO threat of reprisals because mainland USA has NEVER been attacked or bombed, only it's colonies.


  onineveh the real liar is the one who is so convinced of its lies and totally believed that it is the truth!


  •fo Yankistan, Britistan and Francistan.....the axis of evil.


  •m The People need to take control of their psychopathic-idiot military.


  ogetreal666Leader The Western tax payer is an involuntary war criminal


  oBaboo Its not involuntary....revolution is always an option


  •m The whole world is a threat to the USA- Rightly so!- We have to rid the planet of this menace!


  oJinda Not the whole world, idiot. We actually love the USA


  oBinAmerica No one loves the USA, the USA loves no one.


  •Dan Sheppard They know they cannot beat Russia at anything with the amount of support the Russians have gained in recent years, so now they switch to north korea. Cowards.


  oStinky yank Even with NK they'll likely soil their adult diapers when they realize that Kim has no respect for people who threaten him & his country


  onineveh one of the real patriots.


  oRealfreeworld usa will also find out that NK have friends and support.


  •Exquisite America is the biggest threat and obstacle for world peace!


  oNo Israel. USA is just a branch of israel


  •MonkeyBananas American Leaders need more Brain Cancer


  oObserver That's what got them into trouble in the first place.


  oMonkeyBananas Yes - You are right..... but even now, the mentality of Americans is that they'd still listen to McCain - With or Without Brain Cancer McCain is a Terrorist to Humanity Obama is a DNA Terrorist Trump is a Turn-Around Terrorist


  •Mind your own b USA. Stop inventing enemies!!!

  美国,请停止捏造敌人! ! !

  •MonkeyBananasLeader Putin is King of even America - He needs to teach the Yanks a good lesson and bring Americans back to their senses


  •Croche The greatest threat to America has always been its own sellout warmonger huge government


  •Ameritard We have seen the enemy....and it is us.


  •. They just invent enemies to justify their excessive tax spending and self-enrichment through the "Military Industrial Complex" and constant expansion into other nations. They're colonizing and conquering nations under the pretext of "moving in to protect you from that threat". America needs to be cut to pieces and seize to exist as it is now, for the sake of all humanity, even their own citizens bare the burden of the self-proclaimed "elite".


  •Boycott USA The biggest threat to America is Washington DC and its tribe of war mongering,debt slaving,tax plundering tyrants.


  •iGoober Number one threat to USA - is its own government.


  oDual National Run by Jews from behind the curtains.


  •EvilUSAEmpire America is the single biggest threat to Humanity ....


  okyo Then come strike us down if you can, otherwise your complaints will be ignored.


  •PutinRules4Ever America's God is a four headed Demon (Money, Sex, Power & Drugs)....


  •LLLL The US is the biggest threat to the US, in the same way, the eye is the only thing the eye can't perceive!


  •Afrorussian Evil USA at it again; you sick wanting wars all the time, i wish you quick demise


  •Palm Oil Neither Russia nor DPRK is the biggest threat towards the USA; the biggest threat to USA-is the USA.


  •Rik Vik The Biggest and Only really be threat is Washington politicians.. Corrupted Military Pentagonon and Cia.. now go eat shit and get out of this planet you warmongers


  •LOL Only Americans do such analysis! So ridiculous, Sounds like a 14 year old trying to win Counterstrike.


  •MrLeadb1 This isn't about war....or Russia's ability to attack or invade America, Russia do not want to attack or invade America. This is simply about trade and profit.......America don't want Russia trading and being successful in markets traditionally sewn up by America. Hence the trade sanctions over fake electoral interference and other unproven rubbish.


  •Realfreeworld Its what happen if you go all over the world and kill people. You make enemies. Actually a lot of them and then you not smart enough to learn from your mistakes.americans are s t u p i d


  •USA USA is governed by subhuman creatures.


  oYes Calculated missionary men.


  o30 George bush is reptilian.


  oiGoober George Bush's DNA looks like a clay-brick.


  •Ray I would not be surprised that in the next pathologic stage, the United Schizophrenics mark as "enemy" the whole planet together with the moon. They have definitely lost any relationship with this reality and function in the world similar to that one of The Man in the High Castle.


  •Go'home u President Assad should give all foreign troops in Syria to leave Syria in one week,except Russia,Iran. if not they're a legitimate targets.Putin may agree?


  •mr.bla bla bla bla, same old crud.. who cares who they think is a threat. they are their own threat. america=paranoid schizophrenic

  bla bla bla,还是这些陈词滥调……谁在乎他们认为是一个威胁。他们是他们自己的威胁。美国=偏执型精神分裂症

  •BFG Anybody whom their not control and swindle is a threat?


  •EvilUSAEmpire U.S. of A. = United Satanists of America


  oYour nickname And the funny thing is... that is not so far from the truth.


  •A So basically the whole world is a threat to them.


  oR Pretty soon it will be ....... US is despised worldwide.


  oiGoober Exactly! The whole world, apart from places that they haven't "colonized" or turned into their vassals.


  •Moustachio The EU will likely join that list soon, as well as everywhere else. Bully diplomacy has not done the US any good.


  •Anne Bancroft Why are American pilots dropping bombs on women and children who are defenseless. War normally men fight men with weapons but now pilots are killjng children and women this is the worse act of a true coward


  oYugo 45 Thats all those coward can do


  oiGoober Americans don't know what real war is. Their whole country is built on genocide of innocent Indians, whose land they stole in the process. They are using the same tactic of rape and pillage all throughout the world.


  oYugo 45 Exactly. USA is built on terror and genocide.


  •luca USA is the biggest threat in the world, in the name of democracy they are exporting wars in all the world since the end of the II world war.


  •Jtl727 Americans used to hate the USSR so much, that 27 years after they became like them: -No free speech -Controlled media -Intelligence spying over its own population -Witch hunting of opposition voices


  •Richland 44m USA Invaded Sovereign Syria and Got Busted by Putin, let's take Two Minutes of Silence to Comprehend the Fact"


  •Jjj American pilots dropping bombs on civilians is the ultimate act of a coward.


  oYes It's called "collateral damage"....... when you change the name of the phenomenon, when you reframe it, it doesn't sound so bad. Don't call them names, you'll hurt their feelings.


  oJjjj Its not collateral damage its cold blooded murder of unarmed children and women. They have no right to be in Syria. They were never invited, American pilots are just barbaric uncivilized savages. American pilots go home your not protecting yur country your destroying it.


  oYes We know what it is, yet they use different terms and technical language to control the narrative. Impressions are everything with them, but Russia has risen in Oct. 2015, FINALLY!!! thank the Lord.


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