军事解决不了问题”:中国和巴基斯坦指责特朗普新的阿富汗战略 [俄罗斯网评]


中国和巴基斯坦抨击美国总统唐纳德·特朗普关于阿富汗的新政策,新政策其中包括派遣更多的部队到该国。目前各国正在推动阿富汗和塔利班进行新的会谈。俄罗斯网友:更有可能的是,伴随着在阿富汗连续16年不断地杀害无辜者, 美国公司将在阿富汗的采矿活动中获一无所获.         

‘No military solution’: China & Pakistan slam Trump’s new Afghanistan strategy


【日期】2017年9月8日China andPakistan have slammed US President Donald Trump’s new policy on Afghanistan,which includes sending additional troops to the country. The nations haveinstead urged new talks with the Taliban.


The Pakistaniand Chinese foreign ministers announced that their two countries andAfghanistan would hold a new series of three-way talks later this year, aimingto reach settlement negotiations with the Taliban.


“It's ourfirm view that there is no military solution in Afghanistan, the focus shouldbe on a politically-negotiated settlement,” Pakistani Foreign Minister KhawajaAsif said during a visit to Beijing on Friday, as quoted by AP.


“China isplaying a very constructive role in this regard,” he added.


thatstatement comes after Trump did a U-turn on his previous position ofdisengagement from Afghanistan, instead opting to send more troops to thecountry. An additional 3,500 US soldiers will soon head to Afghanistan,officials told media this week.


“My originalinstinct was to pull out, and historically I like following my instincts,”Trump said in a televised speech last month. “But all my life, I’ve heard thatdecisions are much different when you sit behind the desk in the Oval Office.”


If thedeployment of 3,500 additional soldiers is confirmed, it will bring the totalnumber of US troops in Afghanistan to around 14,500.

如果再次部署3 500名士兵,将使阿富汗的美军总数达到14,500人左右。

The Fridaystatement also comes after Trump angered Pakistan in August, accusing it ofproviding a safe haven to extremists. Last month, the Trump administrationannounced that $255 million in military aid for Pakistan would be withhelduntil Islamabad cracked down on extremists threatening neighboring Afghanistan.


“We have beenpaying Pakistan billions and billions of dollars at the same time they arehousing the very terrorists that we are fighting. But that will have to change,and that will change immediately,” Trump said at the time.


Trump alsoinfuriated Islamabad when he voiced the possibility of recruiting India –Pakistan's arch rival – into Washington's strategy in Afghanistan.

当他表示可能招揽印度(巴基斯坦的头号敌人) 进入华盛顿的阿富汗战略时,特朗普也激怒了伊斯兰堡。

However,Pakistan has rejected claims that it is aiding groups including theTaliban-linked Haqqani Network, a position which China backed on Friday.


“Thegovernment and people of Pakistan have made huge sacrifices in the fightagainst terrorism for everyone to see and the international community shouldrecognize that,” Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said.


He added thatBeijing is standing behind its “ironclad friend” even though “some countries”do not give Pakistan credit for its fight against terrorism.


Russia, forits part, has slammed Trump's Afghanistan strategy as a “dead-end approach.”


“The mainemphasis in the new strategy, which was announced by Washington, is made onsettlement through use of force,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov saidat a press conference in August. “We believe that it’s a dead-end approach.”


Lavrov alsonoted that the new strategy allows for negotiations with the Taliban withoutany preconditions, which jeopardizes the joint international stance formed bythe UN Security Council.


He went on tonote that the UN Security Council, with the backing of the Afghan government,had ruled to allow the Taliban to enter the negotiation process underconditions that include severing ties with terrorist links, bringing armedresistance to an end and respecting Afghanistan's constitution.


“We maintainthe contacts with the Taliban exactly in accordance with these criteria, urgingthem to comply with these UN Security Council demands,” Lavrov said.



US is playing India vs. Pakistan andIndia vs. China. Poor India


2. Westerman
China doesn't care for Pakistan they just want the Indian oceanaccess in Baluchistan


. (回复)
Like how US and Izrael don't care about India.


Red (回复)
So does Russia now it seems


"Military SOLUTION?!?!?!" Trump doesn't want toresolve the problem he wants to keep it ongoing. As he boasts "I'm abusiness man" so why should he stop the money flowing. Afghan civilianscasualties are irrelevant for the American establishment.


Westerman (回复)
Yes this is exactly the pattern all US president's starting withReagan and even before Reagan have been following, a dumping ground for USweapons.


4. moon
Let Asians solve Asia problem. US can rest in peace now. US isnot an Asian country.


.( 回复)
What? Isn't America a part of Asia, Africa, Europe,MiddleEast and Antarctica? hmmmm..


Even the Pentagon knows that the US cannot win in Afghanistan,as the country is perfectly suited for guerrilla warfare. Even so, the US willbe there, holding part of the country, keeping the situation unstable, tryingto prevent the creation of the Euroasian Economic Union, trying to grab themineral wealth of the country estimated at 3 trillion dollars, not to mentionall those profits from heroin.


Westerman (回复)
It's more likely that the US corporations will be awarded ZEROpart in the mineral extraction activities in Afghanistan with 16 years ofconstantly killing innocent people in Afghanistan

更有可能的是,伴随着在阿富汗连续16年不断地杀害无辜者, 美国公司将在阿富汗的采矿活动中获一无所获.

At the end, he will just bark on Twit-er and nothing more. US isway overstretched.


7. Afghani’nation
The best concrete solution to leaveAfghanistan at the soonest. American youth are not born to be killed in the desertsand mountains of Afghanistan. we (the Afghan's Nation) wish safety, peace,security and prosperity for the american nation at their home.


8.brain bullet
I will hope and will pray, that somebody will take the coffinkeys from Trump, then the afghan war will be done as the army will run out ofmoney to waste :)


My humble opinion to leave Afghanistan is the best decision and we shouldlearn from the Russian defeat as the attacked 36 years before and strongly defeatedby the Afghan heroes'. 17 million years more fighting with the afghan nationwould no win.
build america.
don't make conspiracy for fighting over there. If we are good no one canharm us on the other hand if we are destructing the others people homes, sologically there can be fear in our hearts that this thing will happen and thatthing will happen.

三. 不要在那边打架。如果我们是好的没有人可以伤害我们,另一方面,如果我们破坏别人的家庭,我们的心中担心的事情会发生。

10.easywind alan
Trump has a strategy? Ha ha


how to get peace in Afghanistan! simply wipe out ISI and CIA


Russia isquality over quantity. USA is quantity over quality. Look at US troops inAfghanistan, South Korea and Japan definitely QUANTITY!!


13.just saying
Indeed, there's no military solution. Because it's allabout Business. These soldiers are Mercenaries, ordered to stay there bytheir CEO, the POTUS.